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Client : CBM Investments

Project : Waterton Residences

Address: 79 Waterton St, Annerley QLD 4103

Five remarkable residences embody the energy that is atmospheric in Annerley. Waterton Townhomes are inspired by an exceptional community and lively suburb, quality build and architecture come together in an expression of beauty. 


A chance to experience a lifestyle like no other, Waterton Residences are the pinnacle of Annerley’s finest homes. Inspired by an exceptional, highly sought after location, elegance and charm come together in an expression of architecture.




Art Direction

Development & Research
Strategy & Placement
Brand Identity Design
Brand Campaigns & Application


Print Design:

Stationery & Promotional
Signage & Hoarding
Editorial Design & Copy


Photography & Film:

Lifestyle Photography

Digital Design: 

Digital Brochure

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